Richie Hecker is an entrepreneur, connector and Investor. He is the co-founder and Chairman of inSparq and Chief Catalyst at Traction+Scale. He currently resides in NYC.
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After many years, I am archiving this site!

May 19, 2017
Dear Friends, I have decided to stop managing this blog. This site is to serve as an archive of past thoughts and musings. After many years running the Bootstrapper blog, I have decided to move my writing over to other publications. Most recently you can see my writing on Thank you for your support over the years! Cheers, Richie

A tribute to David Freschman

Mar 20, 2015
I walked into a phone booth at my office and cried. Yesterday, a very dear friend, investor and tech community organizer, David Freschman passed away from pancreatic cancer. David was an amazing man and his memory and legacy will live on in the present and into the future. David was kind, generous, thoughtful and a great community organizer. He ran one of the very early tech focused venture funds and pioneers fashion technology investing with his FashInvest conferences and advised Shark Tank. David’s impact was... read more

Money, Money, Money, a sit-down with the author of Coined: The Rich Life Of Money And How Its History Has Shaped Us

Mar 1, 2015
I’m really excited to share this interview with Kabir Sehgal, the author of Coined. Hope you enjoy … You can order the book here  1. Why did you write the book? I began my career on Wall Street just a few months before the 2008 financial crisis. I couldn’t believe the devastation that the crisis caused for millions of Americans and people around the world. I kept wanting to know why we act so bizarrely with money, and what’s going on in our mind when... read more

War over the Horizon: Andreessen vs. Buffet and the Battle for the Future of Finance

May 23, 2014
Summary Marc Andreessen and Warren Buffett are two of the most powerful people in finance. Their approaches seem vastly different, and there has been a public feud between the two. The question is, what is the real difference when you peel the onion. Marc Andreessen and Warren Buffett are two of the worlds’ greatest gamblers. Calculating odds, predicting outcomes and placing bets, hoping for a return. If you’ve ever been to a casino and sat down at the blackjack table, you have played a similar game... read more

What Bitcoin can mean for merchants, a fireside chat with the CEO of ROI Payments

Feb 1, 2014
The media has been buzzing on Bitcoin. Bitcoin this, Bitcoin that. For today, I thought it would be valuable to take a dive down the Bitcoin lane from the eyes of the Brion Bonkowski, CEO of ROI Payments. ROI Payments processes billions of dollars in annual transactions and given that Overstock started taking Bitcoin and did over $100,000 in Bitcoin transactions in its first day, it seemed fitting to sit down with a payment processor and see what really is going on! First let’s talk for... read more

Crowdfunding for growth equity!

Jan 9, 2014
So I recently wrote about non accredited crowdfunding in the Wall Street Journal. Today we take a look at the opposite extreme. I spoke with the founding team of Growth Cap  which just launched with $50,000,000 in deals on the platform. For this post, we did a Q&A with the CEO RJ Lumba and instead of my opinion, you decide 🙂   What is GrowthCap? GrowthCap is a private equity deal platform where established private companies can raise growth capital from institutional investors and family offices.... read more

How to Hack Marketing: Interview with Teri Ross on 5 Misconceptions of Marketing & Analytics

May 9, 2013
We had the pleasure of interviewing marketing technologist and industry veteran, Teri Ross. Teri has seen the role of the marketer evolve over the last twenty years. In the digital age, effective marketers fill a role that is a cross between the traditional Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Technology Officer. This new role, which Gartner defines as the Chief Marketing Technology Officer (CMTO), leverages strategy, technology, marketing and analytical expertise to help companies exploit and leverage the vast amounts of customer and market data towards... read more

4 Crazy Ideas for FourSquare TO Monetize

Feb 20, 2013
FourSquare is one of the few companies that can market real tangible value to its users. The goal with mobile marketing, specifically, is to market value propositions that don’t disrupt the overall user experience. If I were FourSquare, here are four ways I would monetize my audience… 1. Offline to Web Re-targeting through Facebook Sharing check-in data with an online aggregator like Facebook and allowing local businesses to re-target users from offline that visit their particular location to online through Facebook. Example: I go to... read more

The NY Times Re-Targeting Arbitrage Play

Feb 20, 2013
  It’s a very bold statement, but the NY Times doesn’t need to charge for their content. They just need to hire really intelligent marketers and data analysts who understand arbitrage. If you are reading this and you haven’t played around with segmentation re-targeting on display you are missing out; it is by far one of the coolest features recently launched by most of the re-targeting DPS’s. I just starting playing around with AdRoll who is also plugged into FBX Exchange. The more I play around with re-targeting,... read more
6 Customer Acquisition Hacks

6 Customer Acquisition Hacks

Feb 13, 2013
I know everyone is reading about this new amazing terminology commonly referred to as “Growth Hacking”… It seems like a cool, trendy topic but like most people you walk away scratching your head at the most obvious question.  “How do I apply the growth hacking tips of the Wizards to my start up? ” Below are 6 simple customer acquisition hacks that I always ask my clients when I consult? It usually creates a very clear picture of the goals that they are seeking from their online... read more

Interview with Author of ‘Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World’

Feb 12, 2013
David Burstein has become a recognized, leading expert on how millenials are transforming technology, culture, politics, and every aspect of the world in which we live today. Burstein conveys his message through film, political advocacy, TV commentary, and other forms of media, and most recently, he has published a book, ‘Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World’. He illustrates the way the millennial generation is changing the way people engage in business, politics, and culture. The Bootstrapper Team was lucky enough to... read more

5 Ways to Get The Body of Your Dreams!

Jan 30, 2013
Friends, reposting from Yahoo Voices …   So if you’re like me, you make a lot of promises to yourself at the start of every year. Also, if you’re like me, most of them probably fall down by the wayside. This year, I decided to stop the madness and take control of my own resolutions…. Once upon a time, I was a kickboxer and in great shape. Now I LOOK like I’m in good shape with my clothes on though when my clothes come off,... read more