Friends, reposting from Yahoo Voices …


So if you’re like me, you make a lot of promises to yourself at the start of every year. Also, if you’re like me, most of them probably fall down by the wayside. This year, I decided to stop the madness and take control of my own resolutions….

Once upon a time, I was a kickboxer and in great shape. Now I LOOK like I’m in good shape with my clothes on though when my clothes come off, there is definitely more to be desired. So the resolution I chose for this year is to get a 6-pack back and get my body into lean, mean fighting shape.

  • 1. Make a public declaration: Scream from the rooftops. If you want your resolution to come true, declare it to the world. I first told my friends and family that I was going to on a 21-day diet and exercise binge. I then posted it on Facebook – therefore making it official! Better yet, I then got challenged on Facebook to make my diet VEGAN for 21 days and I accepted. My friend that challenged me then coached me on diet – expanding my challenge and building a support network. It’s really important to be supported in your challenge. Declaring it to the world and making it public is a very powerful to way to get on the path to success. Now I’m vegan for the month!
  • 2. Get a trainer to kick off your training season and periodically check in to kick your ass into shape. I went to my trainer at Alonzo Voelker at New York Sports Club on 14th Street in Union Square and hired him for a kick-off session. We did a crazy hard workout and knocked my ass in shape – exactly what I needed for the workout that is to follow. The plan is to then train at home using the Insanity Workout video series and go to Power Prana Hot Yoga on Union Square every morning and then go back to Alonzo once a week for an ass kicking.
  • 3. Find a local food vendor you trust in your diet, enroll them. A few months ago, I got to know the owner of, an amazing cold press juice truck located in Tribecca and Union Square and enrolled Karliin, the awesome owner into my new diet. She taught all about Raw Food lifestyle, foods, juices and even sent me a 5 day juice cleanse. By the end of the cleanse, I never felt better. Find a local food purveyor that you can enroll that will help you make sure your diet works. The hardest part of staying in shape is keeping your diet, especially in a city of fast moving people like NYC.
  • 4. Use Craigslist like a crazy person. The same friend who challenged me to go Vegan had an awesome idea of finding someone on Craiglist to come to your house early in the morning, throw you out of bed and make you breakfast. I posted this idea on Craigslist and within 24 hours got 5 responses including a perky mom and cooking student and the price – just $15 a day!
  • 5. Guilt will set you free. Tell your friends, family and coworkers you are doing it and get them to encourage you on and support you. Some will even tease you! I told the whole office and in our team lunch, they ordered me 2 juices instead of food. If I didn’t enroll my coworkers they would probably look at me funny as I sip a juice while they eat their meals. Instead of being awkward, I own it and get their help!

You can do it too. If you’re in NYC, you can call Karliin, Prana Yoga and Alonzo and tell them I sent you or you can find your own folks to help out. Craigslist also is usually the answer for everything. Happy new year !