So I used to carry a camera everywhere. I had a little belt clip and carried by Canon camera everywhere, snapping pictures as I went through my data. However since I got the iPhone an interesting thing happened, I both stopped carrying my camera and primarily stopped taking pictures. Yes, I still take the requisite  party shots though what previously would have been 20 photos, is now just  a single shot, or maybe two. I don’t have data to back this  up though I’m convinced that people are actually taking less photos now than previously – though uploading and sharing more the ones that they do take. While an argument could be made that it’s a flight to quality, I think its more a flight to selective sharing. Sending around the picture of you with the stunning hostess of the party though not taking the 20 other pictures of what otherwise would be great memories. That leads to the issue of selective memory. With great power comes great responsibility. With great technology, comes great choice. We choose to (selectively) overshare J .


And it begs the question: What is the future of the camera industry? Will the iPhone crush all but the most ardent photographer ?