Richie Hecker is an entrepreneur, connector and Investor. He is the co-founder and Chairman of inSparq and Chief Catalyst at Traction+Scale. He currently resides in NYC.
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Tech Policy Issues

May 15, 2012
In a series of blog posts, I’m going to address key issues in the technology industry when it comes to public policy. Often times, the tech industry is a bit misunderstood due to a lack of lobbying on public policy. That’s not to say there aren’t lobbyist or a sensitivity around issues – though in comparison it is much tinier in footprint, awareness and influence then say the media industry. With that said, a lot of techies simply aren’t aware of public policy until its... read more

1 technique to drive users mad and build your database

May 14, 2012
I was reading an article on and as I got to the juicy part of the story, it froze me out! It said that I had to enter my email address in order to read the rest of the paragraph and story. I was stunned, amazed and impressed. This technique is called a Content Unlock because the user needs to take action (give an email, pay, download a toolbar etc….) in order to read or engage with further content. Fool placed it a great... read more

Decline of digital cameras

May 12, 2012
  So I used to carry a camera everywhere. I had a little belt clip and carried by Canon camera everywhere, snapping pictures as I went through my data. However since I got the iPhone an interesting thing happened, I both stopped carrying my camera and primarily stopped taking pictures. Yes, I still take the requisite  party shots though what previously would have been 20 photos, is now just  a single shot, or maybe two. I don’t have data to back this  up though I’m... read more

alarm in dream + looking for it + game with drains in rooms going down them

May 11, 2012
I had a wacky dream I thought I would share. I was SO exhausted after traveling for business, fun , bachelor parties and then out for events, business, fun that I was totally drained. So I had this dream. First I was playing this odd game where I was in rooms and would like hit a button and then would go down a drain into another room – like in some sort of old video game where you flush yourself down a drain, reminds me... read more

Choice Vs Decision

May 10, 2012
What is the difference between a choice and a decision? A choice is one you make pro-actively and a decision is forced upon you. It’s a very small difference but an important one. You can choose your destiny or keep making decisions that collectively force your hand. Always be choosing. Take charge and move forward. Don’t allow yourself to be forced into a decision. Chocolate or Vanilla? J  

7 techniques to Create Chemistry

May 9, 2012
So you’re meeting with a potential client (or going on a first date) and you really want to impress. In fact you want to win the deal (or the girl of your dreams) . How can you quickly create a situation where you connect with your audience and just jam with them.   Note: these techniques are simply observations I have had other the years and not meant as scientific fact. For better research, see my dear friend Olivia Fox’s book on Charisma. (link).  They... read more

Deep vs. Experiential Chemistry

May 8, 2012
Todays topic crosses the line between work and personal interpersonal relationships. We will explore the different kinds of chemistry that people have with each other. While it’s true that you can game chemistry is small quantities by following a set of techniques (which we can cover in a later post) todays discussion is on chemistry in its natural form.   My thesis is that there are 2 basic types of Chemistry; Deep & Experiential.   Deep Chemistry is what you feel when you meet someone... read more

The many faces of smarts

May 7, 2012
So I was hanging out with a dear friend and we were talking about the different forms of smarts. Yes, there is more than one way to be smart so while you may think you’re smart, you may in fact be an idiot! … just kidding though here’s something to chew on:   Skill (Vocational) Smarts; a master computer programmer or basketball player could be the best in the world at what they do. Usually it is a mixture of learned and natural skills in... read more


Mar 31, 2012
If you are reading Bootstrapper, you must read Olivia’s new book. It blew my mind and will blow yours and will teach you how people think. Put your best, most charismatic foot forward all the time. Olivia teaches us both the power and potential of ‘being’ with people. Everything you do in life requires other people, even if subtly. By learning the learning the tools of connection, relationship and conversation, you can enhance your persona in unstoppable ways.

$10,000 and a wall

Mar 7, 2012
So today, I would like to share the tale behind inSparq, a company I am very proud of though had a challenging history. inSparq started life as a group communication product, promising cross channel messaging across email, sms, facebook and twitter. The idea was that the company would bridge together all of the channel options into a single product so you can have one single conversation with a group of your friends anywhere. Our beta was a google plugin that let you have groups inside... read more

Don’t tell me what to do!

Mar 4, 2012
I have no problem working late. In fact I’m writing this post late on a Friday night. However, i HATE when you tell me or suggest to me when i work late. If I stay on my own volition, which happens quite often as i’m most productive late at night, especially when i need to think or write, then i work great and love doing it. However, the second someone tries to twist my arm into it, i fight, i scream, i kick, i become... read more

What would you do with more capital?

Mar 1, 2012
So I found myself in a funny situation a few months ago. I invested in and helped incubate a company, a company that will remain nameless, a little while back. This company started life with a specific mandate – to a provide a service to a specific customer base where we had built in, well customers. We put in a small amount of capital to start the company, which was all that we thought we needed. We got off to a quick start and immediately... read more