So I was hanging out with a dear friend and we were talking about the different forms of smarts. Yes, there is more than one way to be smart so while you may think you’re smart, you may in fact be an idiot! … just kidding though here’s something to chew on:


  1. Skill (Vocational) Smarts; a master computer programmer or basketball player could be the best in the world at what they do. Usually it is a mixture of learned and natural skills in that vocation.
    1. Learned Smarts; someone who can study and do well on a test or learn a sill. This is book smarts and a derivative of Skill Smarts.
    2. Street Smarts; someone who is very good at navigating life situations. This is very different from. David is very street smart in that he always figures out his way out of jams or into unique situations.
      1. Emotional Smarts; This is also called maturity, the ability to understand emotional (people) situations. Its similar to Street Smarts though not quite the same.
      2. Survival Smarts; when shit hits the fan, you’ve got the basic skill set to survive from directions to camp fires to leadership
      3. Social Smarts; you can read social situations, many people with social smarts are also chameleons and can fit in anywhere. This is your event planner, socialite personality.
      4. Memory; self explanatory
      5. 4.    Intelligence; this is the highest level of smarts though is not reliant on any other form of smarts. Intelligence is the ability to apply other people’s smart and figure out complex situations (usually by seeing them in simple form)


So what kind of Smart are you ?