When you’re down. You’re out. However, when you’re down and you have love and can embrace it you can smile. When someone says “I Love You” and you know they ¬†mean it – and you know when they mean it – it triggers a natural deep reaction, an internal smile in people. Try it. Tell someone that you love, I love You and say it slowly. “Hi, I love you” and see their reaction. For a second their face should flicker and soften. Also, it works in email if you email “I love you” when you read it you smile. It’s really powerful. No matter what your fear, your loathing or your hell, I love you can solve it. Yes, solve it. The key to solving problems is positive attitude and a framework for action. I love you can give you the quick endorphin hit to change your attitude. Of course, you need to make changes from there and take action but its a first step – its free and takes just a second. I love you. There you have it. Do it and see for yourself.¬†

I love you